US 2016 Election – Hilary Clinton Prediction

Astrology Chart for Hilary Clinton – what do the stars say about her chances of becoming US president. Lisa Lazuli reveals all.

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  1. LLA / how did you come up with that chart, do you communicate with the planet's and the stars, where and how do you get your information regarding predictions, do you have supernatural powers, if you do, from whom does it come from, do you worship the constellations, who talks to you.

  2. Not sure Hillary is given the credit for the apparent depth of character and understanding that she must surely possess – a double Scorpio( if you accept that 8:02am was actually her birth time), with a moon in Pisces trined her ascendent. Says to me that she is a thoughtful person and deep down, she really wants to make a difference and leave this world a better place than she found it – isn't that what Scorpios were born to do? I get it, she likes to keep secrets and her Mercury in Scorpio only reinforces that tendency. And with Mars in Leo trined her ascendent, I can see how she ended up with a Leo. Seeing her chart has given me pause to rethink some of the emotional negativity towards her that a person could surrender to. She's pretty damn complex, got to say.

  3. I automatically assumed she would win, astrologically because on the day of the election, the sun is in her 1st. house. Nancy Reagan couldn't have picked a better month for Hillary to do well. ( haha!) I do agree that her Neptune and Pluto issues will be very challenging for her. I also agree with many psychics that who ever wins will not fare well in the coming 4 years and it will only be a one term presidency for either candidate. Thank you Lisa, Clif in Los Angeles (Aquarius, Scorp. Asc/ Taurus moon. :)))

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