US blames Russia for election campaign hacks (but can’t provide any proof)

The US government is “confident” that Russia “authorized” recent hacks of US officials’ and organizations’ emails, intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security claim in a statement. Moscow says the accusations are “yet another fit of nonsense.”


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  1. Could be Osama (from the grave) mentally controlling the Russians who in turn are forced then to hack our "honest" system of voting. OBL just never quits! Makes about as much sense as the prime political topics these days.

  2. stop this blaming Russia crap, your going to keep on and Russia is going to Bomb the hell out of America and start WW3 .. do you really want suffering ??? death, destruction, homeless people , chaos ???

  3. why blame anyone if you are a lliar and corrupting behaved speaking with a forked tongue ■
    where is integrity Hillary ?
    you need to come clean !
    just remember when you die you don't take it with you……….

  4. Fucking septic's are at it again. Ramping up the macho rhetoric with Russia.
    So sick of these uniformed pencil dicks boasting about who they're gunna crush this time.
    The look minor playing in a cheap WWE under card.

  5. I hope if these US-NATO Generals ever attack Russia that Russia beats them hard, and not the other way round. Crazy aggressive people in Washington and in the U.S. military. Russia's Army should teach them a lesson they never forget if they ever dare to attack or invade Russian territory. Reptor and I will personally volunteer and come to Russia's camp to kick some yankee butts.

  6. The zionists of USA always make false accusations against their opponents. First they lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq to attack and invade Iraq. Now they lie about "Russian cyber attacks" to prop their NATO war against Russia.

  7. funny considering america interferes in everyone else elections world wide but just so horrible if Russia goes such. its a lie anyway they blame Russia for evey thing, we are all bad peoples

  8. All of them are hacking. Important is, what the emails are saying. How weak they are, want to fight the IS, but they are not able to protect their own emails. Hillary is not able to protect her emails, but want to be in charge to protect a whole nation ?

  9. Hillary Clinton's insane McCarthyist anti-Russia paranoia is going to get us all killed if (God forbid) she gets into the White House. We have to stop her before she kicks off a nuclear war.

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