US election 2016: Analysis of Clinton vs. Trump debate

In the second US presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred in bitter, personal terms during a town hall debate. Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett was joined by political analyst Jason Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri.

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  1. the black supposed analyst is obviously a Clinton supporter. Its a shame this scum bag keeps saying Clinton isnt on the ballot. For one Hillary has already amitted Bill would be a big part of her administartion. She even suggested he would be given a spot in her cabinet. Secondly Hillary hasnt ever been forced to answer questions on how she degraded her husbands sexual assault victims. In reality she has continued to demonixe them while calling for all sexual assault victims to be heard. So basically the entire MSM is defending her while trying to brand Trump with the bigoted xenophobe even though thta title fits her husband to a T. Then they discuss U.S. fact checkers like we actually believe the garbage theyve been been spewing. Lastly the cuck tried to actually claim Clinton is factual in her answers but the truth is she has been taught to talk differentky to is than how she does with wallstreet. butbyeah shes good for our country smfh.

  2. Neither of these idiots Hillary or Trump are good candidates for ruling a large country with nuclear capability and the ability to effect the lives of so many people in the world. This guy sounds drunk though, doesn't make him sound very believable. I do believe that Hillary Clinton is a snake in the grass and that she is out for power and money. Trump isn't much good for a leader either, God help America her allies and enemies.

  3. The issue is: can we accept a racketeering candidate, a person that had not been protected by Obama, and all the manipulations with the law, the immunity deals to protect her staff, so that they won't squeal on her and sink her. Obama, has politicized the department of justice, the FBI, the state department staff, etc.

  4. Hillary has a skin thicker than an alligator, she is used to ignore little people. Hillary, is used to living, manipulation, graft, corruption, etc. Trump, can be accused of being an idiot t not a sleaze bag like Clinton.

  5. I didn't appreciate Trump bringing those women out to be seen on world stage. All of a sudden he cares about how sexually harassed women should be heard? I felt very bad about it. Watching those women being put on display by him, made me very uneasy.

  6. One thing about it, Trump's behavior certainly reveals certain American males and, for that matter, American women especially those who continue to support him.  And some of the commenters are included.

  7. Yeah because Trumps video of what he said was SO much more important than Hillary getting a RAPIST off w/2 month sentence after that 12 yr old was put in ICU was a virgin, and Hillary admitted on tape that her client was guilty! That tells me a lot about that evil woman.

  8. Please do not bring Prof Jason Johnson back because he is not objective. I listen to the debate and I listen to Prof Johnson – his analysis is biased, I am sure he realize this but he went ahead gave his one-sided opinion. I am not for Trump or Hillary, I am undecided, but I don't want to hear bias, subjective opinions like Prof Johnson's. Stop allowing people like him to give person opinions as analysis. Thanks.

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