US Election 2016: Donald Trump faces calls to quit race

The Republican party is facing an unprecedented crisis just weeks before the election.
Its nominee Donald Trump is facing calls to quit the race.
Several Republicans have spoken out against Trump, after he was heard making lewd comments about women in a leaked recording.
But Trump says he will not drop out of the campaign.
Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from St Louis.

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  1. I didn't know that men talk like that around each other lol but it's ok for Bill to rape a 12 year old and get away with it, and than have Hilary cover it up and on top of that she tells us she has sympathy for rape victims. You people that support Hillary Clinton like to be lied to and like to be the biggest hypocrite.

  2. Donald Trump is a snake in the grass who feeds his ego off of those who support him. If your defense of this pig is ""Hillary this and Hillary that" you have to eventually come to the conclusion that his behavior has nothing to do with anyone else…that he alone is responsible and should take responsibility. He is a pathological liar of the worst kind. If you fact check what he says he accuses you of being a trouble maker for even looking for the truth. He blames everybody else for everything that he's called on…like a badly raised 10 year old. You don't have to like or vote for Hillary…but how can you vote for this snake oil salesman?

  3. Trump is a true American, he owns his mistakes, he stands above the crowd and with deep regret admits "I did it". This is what the world needs, honesty. The people matter in this election, the people want a responsible person who will lead. I've never seen a politician be honest, I've watched politicians for years say they "didn't do it" and attempt to weasel their way out of owning their mistakes or taking responsibility. Trump is different, I believe in Trump, he will clean up the government with honesty and transparency. Trump won't continue the current trends of spin, lies, bribes and cover ups.

  4. Trump supporters don't care about him being a disgusting scumbag, they can identify with him.
    He can do or say whatever he wants, they will simply look the other way and say 'but Hillary!'

  5. Meanwhile Hillary's been exposed as being guilty of perjury, treason, money-laundering, fraud, breaking election laws, profiting off nuclear deals with Russia, accepting millions in contributions from foreign dictators, colluding with media, as being racist, a liar, a sociopath, a crony-capitalist and a big bank sell-out.
    But it's Trump that's just soaked in controversy?
    At this point Hillary could literally club a baby-seal and drink it's blood on live TV without consequence or criticism.

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