US Election 2016 explained

The primaries, caucus states, conventions and the electoral college system explained in our handy guide to the 2016 US presidential election

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  1. The 2016 Presidential Election ARE extremely crucial NOT just for USA but also for the (Western) WORLD… Fact or Assumption: Trump Administration (huge changes, some very GOOD and some very BAD?) and Clinton Administration (hardly any changes?)? – At the end of the day for Donald Trump it is ALL about Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton it is ALL about Hillary Clinton… God help USA and the Western World! – [PS, the Americans should have voted for Bernie Sanders (common sense!) but' they did not. Why not? Because he did not have enough "charisma"?

  2. un aware just blind to understand do we have any country follow nota with strong objection and ruless need more to change to support nota as india

    lot of times voting nota just helps them we dislike each two parties and members elected for fianl counter part or lead elected member itself

    india lot of parties is privatelimited owned as company

    other countries does have clean proffs as no one as owning that
    we never ever talk about residues votes nota – nota our dislikes and it is not developed with the strength even one fourth the election should be stopped
    is that rules is still not made and not made any terms on that

    we c is that disturb whole systems india we have but nota still needed more inputs to stand as big to withstand all the defensive tools is that kind executed every whre in different formats does we have anythng on that

    because sometimes people hesitate to come and vote different countries issues hate and some countries due to job professional sake and being citizen some people come what about residues nota does we have strong discussion on that

  3. Why bother to vote? It truly is a joke. Delegates are given the job, they are NOT representing us, therefore, we are NOT in a representative REPUBLIC. I just love the part aboutt the "superdelegates". Are you kidding me? Well, our forefathers did have a good idea. Too bad it was taken over by the criminals.

  4. This is so damn confusing ! The people vote for whoever they want for president in the primaries. Do these primary elections take place in all the states ? If yes , then what's the need for an electoral college and who selects the electorate of this college ?

  5. You said by then end of the night on Election Day, there will be a new president.  On Election Day a President will be chosen, in December the electors cast their votes and in January there is a new president.  Sometimes there are irregularities, as in 2000 where there were a series of legal challenges before the winner was decided.   Also if no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes, the Congress chooses a winner.

  6. Humor: Whom will you choose to be your leader? A conniving businessman, a misanthropic woman or a seemingly lost old man?
    I have a real question for all americans here.
    Why would anyone think that a ruthless businessman will be a proper leader for your nation?

  7. I am an Arab American would be divided our About 51 countries I'm sorry the people of America's beloved, but de planned real Zionist despicable I am an Egyptian officer sad for the American people

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