US election 2016: What do women think about Trump?

A joint Reuters-Ipsos poll shows Hillary Clinton’s increased her lead over Donald Trump, since the second debate and the leaked recording of his vulgar comments about women.
According to the study, 1 in 5 Republicans are saying the tape disqualifies Trump from the presidency. Yet, he still enjoys a great deal of unwavering support from women.
Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Cruel comments are part of our human nature, said the old lady!! You know what, this is really disgusting, find excuses for a behavior that nobody should be excused!!! And that's the problem with sexism, it begins with women, with our mothers saying "act like this, do that"… I bet that this old lady also think that if a woman is wearing a mini skirt, she'll get rape and she'll have no rights to complain about, because in her distorted mind, that woman brought this to herself!!! I'm Absolutely disgusted by this old lady!!!

  2. Well. I'm not American but I am a woman and here's what I think of Trump.

    1. He's bright orange.

    2. He comes across as inarticulate, coarse and not very bright. I do wonder if he really is as big a buffoon as he appears. How did he not go broke once and for all?

    3. I suspect some of his verbal coarseness and bragging about women has to do with the demographic he is courting – white, male, working class – a demoographic who have been left high and dry by Neoliberalist austerity.
    I suspect the rest comes from being a powerful, privileged, wealthy white male in late middle age.

    4. I'm pleased I've reached the magic age of invisibility, because if I come across Trump in a dark alley he won't notice me.

    5. His poor articulacy makes it hard to decipher his policies, but it seems to me he is concerned with his own borders, not everyone else's. He doesn't seem too keen to continue bombings and drone attacks on half the known world for no good reason, and I like that.

    6. He has the money not to be bought and paid for by the lobbies, but I imagine he'd still be stuck with a bought and paid for Congress and they hold the purse strings anyway.

    7. I have no reading on his greed tendencies. He may be for sale for money or power, I just don't know.

    8. Trump's a bit of a mystery bag.

    9. His wife holds her peace.

    10. I've got a photo of a corn cob that looks just like Trump's hair.

    Hillary, on the other hand, is an ex- social Neocon. She used to be a member of the GOP and cut her teeth on Barry Goldwater's white supremacy vote campaign. She modelled her performance as Secretary of State on Kissinger, a close friend and mentor.

    Apparently she's a social liberal now and grew out of her right wing young ways.

    She's an economic Neoliberal and Wall Street's favoured candidate.

    Bombs and drones get her juices running. So does seeing a man sodomised by a bayonet and executed in the street by a mob "We came. We saw. He died" giggle, giggle.

    I thought Australian candidates were bad.

    I like what I've heard from Jill Stein, though she hasn't got the public speaking flowing easy yet. I reckon she'll get there. I really liked her Job Guarantee, but she didn't call it that. That's my MMT jargon coming out.

  3. Typical sexist misogyny from Trump. Trump was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women & downplays it as locker room banter? Multiple women have cone forth accusing Trump of sexual harassment, it's now new & Trump has an established pattern of lewd behavior towards women. Only the hardcore trump supporters will excuse his deplorable behavior. Ever1 I know in my state of CA loathe Trump & will vote Hillary. Trump was been scamming people all his life & is incompetent businessman, bankrupting 6 ventures.

  4. This isn't an ageist comment, just an observation: Why do Trump's female supporters tend to be women of a certain age? I hear the older generations are just conditioned to accept that sort of behaviour. So what do the younger ladies have to say about him?

  5. This from a Muslim news service? Where you do NOTHING BUT USE WOMAN< 'honor killing the woman who was raped! You people are a sick joke! You people are going to hell HIPPOCRATES!!!

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