US election 2016: Which Republican won the night? BBC News

Five more states have voted for the party nominees, in a night considered by many as a turning point in the race for the White House. Stakes were particularly high for Republican candidates John Kasich and Marco Rubio, with both hoping to win delegates from their home states.
So in this unpredictable election, who won and lost in the latest round in the battle for the nomination? Produced and edited by the BBC’s Franz Strasser and Olivia Lace-Evans

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  1. Clinton is almost certain to beat Sanders, unless the FBI trip her up in the final furlong. I don't think any Republican who "steals" the nomination from Trump will stand a chance. So unless he's beaten fairly, the Republican Party's best shot for beating Hilary is to go with The Donald.

  2. A competition of absolute greed and mass murderers.
    The UK can end up in exactly the same situation as Haiti or Honduras despite the fantasy of the special relationship. I have herd that line used by the USA with a lot of countries. It is called absolute greed. And the promises of treaties are worth nothing. Remember Gaddaffi. we made peace and then murdered him.

  3. Trump is the peoples choice. GOP establishment however want someone bought by them and shares the same views as them, not the views of the American public.

    If Clinton beats Sanders which is very likely, I hope people defect rather than support her.

  4. The fact that the neoconservatives are against him and all establishment figures too, is a reason to either get behind Trump or stay natural, rather than bash Trump, all it does is help Clinton win the presidency.

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