US election: Tight race in final countdown to Iowa caucuses

In the run-up to Monday’s Iowa caucuses, White House hopeful Hillary Clinton has a lead of just three percentage points according to an influential last-minute poll.

“The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa poll”: released on Saturday indicated a tight Democratic and Republican race.

Democrat Clinton was only just ahead of self-declared soc…

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  1. I don't care what they sign for guns never owned one.But I have bought a lot of cannabis and Ben arrested for cannabis free the weed and the prisoners in jail for lower cannabis offences vote for Bernie Sanders for president and free the weed tell your friends go vote for Bernie Sanders for president.

  2. Our beloved madam Hillary Clinton 2016Our first female PresidentThis is gonna be great for America, and the world.let welcome her in to the white house.Hope all minority come out support her,

  3. If you are a politician by trade you should be thrown out! We should
    be electing people, not career politicians who have come up thru the ranks. I want to see America Great again. We the people have the power to make this change. There is entirely too much corruption in the White House, Stand-up and say No to double-talking politicians and say Yes to the straight-talking businessman. Remember Hillary only wants to be the first woman president, she wants the title. Trump wants the job.

  4. Sorry to all the Europeans thinking our country is a joke with Trump. Don't worry the republicans might elect that idiot but the American people won't. He'll lose to whoever the democrats elect; hopefully Bernie Sanders.

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