US militias may cause ‘horrific violence’ after election: Analyst

The high number of active militia groups across the United States raises the possibility of “horrific violence,” particularly at a time when tensions are running high due to a divisive presidential campaign, a political analyst has warned.

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  1. I hate these propaganda spreading bastards they need to die! Don't nobody damn anymore nigga! Militias are nothing but a disgrace to this country all they do is wind people up and have fulfill their wishes of causing chaos in this country. That's all they want! Screw them and these patriotic cock suckers!

  2. The militia set this country free from england and are here to protect the constitution not harm the american people. They swear an oath to protect the constitution and the american people. Most are military veterans who continue to serve. The constitution ensures the american people come before the american government. If it does not the people have the right to dismantle the government and form a new one. Read the constitution which established this republic.

  3. Title 10 Sec 311 USC states all able bodied men are in the unorganized militia. That's constitutional law. He's understated the #'s in the active militias, it's around 2 MILLION. Their's 90 mil male gun owners, all militia of duty calls

  4. I think Militias are on the list with Christians and people who admire the Constitution, etc.. And, those Native Americans, Holy Cow !

    So, another shill to remove self defense weapons from populations

  5. The U.S Government will create a situation (false flag violence) to kick start the confusion so they can finally unravel their lock down scenario they have planned for years..The People Of the U.S Have 'every right' to react and demonstrate if Hillary Wins!!!

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