US Presidential Election 2016 Forecast – Trump or Hillary Win? Find out…

There’s definitely something in air across the western world which may not go as far as be classed as a revolution but at the very least ‘rebellion’, of where the mass of ordinary people are rebelling against the ruling establishment elite who have had an increasing grip on power through institutions and the media for at least the past 40 years as evidenced by the fact that the gap between the rich and rest has widened in virtually every year for the past 40 years, reaching levels not seen since before the second world war, ripe for rebellion even mass uprisings.

The middle classes and working poor have had enough of being systematically turned into slaves in the service of the ruling elite, now in open rebellion as the supposed peoples power has effectively been transferred over to the corporations, bankers and billionaires who like Zuckerberg engage in publicity stunts of donating a few billion dollars here and there in an attempt to mask the magnitude of their greed.

The British people rebelled against Britain’s elite by voting for BrExit. so now will the angry american electorate also rebel by refusing to vote for an establishment candidate and thus by default electing the anti-establishment Donald Trump? Find out in my US election forecast video.

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  1. As usual, clear thinking from Mr. Walayat and recognition of reality and not the media echo chamber message. The level of disgust with the System is past the boiling point among millions of Americans. Whoever wins, there is a high probability of the next president being seen as illegitimate by literally half the country. It could make for some very difficult times in America.

  2. I'm also wondering if your 51% Trump / 49% Clinton scenario is popular vote or electoral college vote? Doesn't the analysis become more unknown because of the electoral college system and having to weigh 50 states instead of just popular vote total like the EU referendum?

  3. Given how accurate you were with the Brexit results, I'm not sure I can disagree with you! I'm curious what you think happens to the US stock market if Trump wins? I would assume a major crash of 20%+ once the results are known and then a bottom and rise to new all-time highs. What do you think?

  4. Coupled to USA real wages not growing since 1970's, if the Islamic world was not tearing itself and the West apart, with its oil wealth, frustrated youth and heartless extremism – fueled by USA ruling class interests, Trump's message would fail. Simply facts beyond you or anyone's personal prejudices.

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