Watch Live: The 2nd Presidential Debate

WATCH NOW as Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump go head-to-head in a town-hall style debate where real voters get to ask the questions. It’s totally unscripted and, after this weekend’s controversial leaked audio, anything can happen. Be there when it does, with CBSN. Always on.


  1. what's with this constant snorting through his nose so heavily, he reminds me of the cokeaine abuser, hang on didn't he accuse her if being on somthing. Its a case of the pot calling the kettle black, when this man says he's made a lots of people money what about all the unpaid debts he's left in his wake as was the case in his trump cassino fisaco in Atlanta. The only time he's made people money was when he employed good busnisses brain such as in the apprentice days other wise its him him him, why don't he disclose his tax recepts, dose he have something to hide?

  2. sigh I wish I could just bake a cake made of rainbows and smiles and you could all eat and be happy.

    No, I'm not American. But the sentiment still holds, cause you guys are so screwed. Love from Dubai, folks.

  3. Well, this gives you so far the worst choice for the president… but! but you gays, choose the lesser evil of the two. Years ago, not so far, there was george bush sr., than bill clinton twice, than george bush jr. twice and barack obama also 2 times . now you have hillary, and she was there all the time.. you got the "same shit" over the years and years and years…
    Perhaps with Trump it is good selection, and possible not, but for sure is completly different political ideologies from those four that i mentioned, just different, and if it is wrong, you change the government, by new election… but you try something NEW!!

  4. I wouldn't trust any man like Trump to rule a whole country that: doesn't respect the panel, constantly interrupting his collegues, pointing fingers literally, verbally attacking almost constantly instead of standing his ground, not to mention his obvious body language where he doesn't sit down when Hilary talks to the panel, but stands behind her making him bigger than her(which indicates his need for dominance). Also he stands behind his chair, at one point, hiding his body where Hilary sit openly relaxed on the chair. His tone of voice is aggressiv all the time. He is not acting professionally. Not taking any political stance, but just think about it.

  5. Pure entertainment: two utter degenerate retard chromosome-mongering disingenuous monkeys throwing ad hominems at each other just in order to avoid having to answer the question. Bravo USA for bringing forth these absolute morons to represent your country and screw it over for the four years to come. Standing ovation!

  6. Donald trump is like a deaf egoistic little boy. Oh my God. How on earth it's possible that he is running for president. The whole world is doomed if he gets chosen. There has to be a god that will stop this madness.

  7. unbelievable how they let this shit go on.. trump is always talking over Hillary.. they really should have a fix to this.. maybe let an air horn off in his ear every time he interrupts, would be both amusing and useful

  8. 1:11:00 the blond tv lady attacks trump louder than hillary??? Ok 3v1 on trump and what does the american government has to do in the middle east anyway? more deaths? And why do the presentors try to put Russia as a threat(in their questions)??? What's the plan go to war vs them????? And the blond bitch's questions are sawing the seed for us intervention in siria. WTF??? Whose puppet is the blond bitch? Bankers??

  9. @1:38:30 I don't know to what kind of men you were talking to, cuz I guarantee you men say way more sexual things against women when they get together. Shit, donald trumps locker room remarks are bible verses compared to what me and my friends say,

  10. Look. At best. Hilary can get VP. But not the whole enchilada. We need fresh blood as a leader. If ain't broke. Don't fix it. Well. This country is broken and we need someone new. Not the same politicians. Or we stay broken. It's worth a try. Scary. Sure. But do we owe it to ourselves ? Damn straight we do. Done with these sitting around presidents. F*** the politics and niceness. Get down and dirty to it. Let's turn some shit up.

  11. Hilary is pointless. Like I've said before. She is past due. This country needs a beast for a beast of a country. Yah Obama care is crap. And if Hilary was four years ago. Then I would be all in. But we are in a different country now. We need crazy for crazy. And if he is bad. Then we can vote for safe on the next election. Which Hilary is safe. But we all know. Safe gets you no where. It takes aggressive and crazy nowadays to produce amazingness. Even if it's a small bit of amazingness. But we don't need someone sitting as president to be safe. That's not the world we live in anymore. And that's not the direction we are going. Things are getting intense. We need someone intense. Roll the dice folks. Because we need to shake some things up.

  12. she needs to be punched in the face and shot in the head for her murdering rapist b***** giving our technology to the f**** Chinese all that s*** is called treasonous and the punishment is death why is this b** still alive

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