Watters’ World: Chinatown edition

Jesse Watters asks the folks about election 2016 and Chinese-U.S. relations on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’


  1. There is nothing offensive or disrespectful about this footage. It is playful, friendly ,silly, cute, good natured. Unless of course you are a psychotic paranoid delusional hypersensitive little PUSSY!!!!!!!! I'm sick of this BULLSHIT, get a grip man.

  2. Many problems with this:
    1. Debate mentions China. You went to Chinatown in NewYork. That's not China, that's still the United States.
    2. Karate isn't Chinese, it's Japanese, and you went to a taekwondo studio which is Korean.
    3. The old people didn't speak anything because they couldn't speak English.
    4. If you're gonna try at comedy, do it somewhere else and not the news. It's the news not comedy central. You can never be like The Daily Show.
    5. You just don't make fun of people in front of national television. In fact, with the old people not speaking, who couldn't speak English, you should ask first before anything really.
    6. "Am I supposed to bow when saying hello?" "I like these watches, are they hot?" No because you weren't sent there to learn about culture, you were sent there to sample political opinion.. And you still would have to go to China. Actual China.
    7. Most of the questions and remarks are totally irrelevant to the point why you were sent there.
    8. I have many more other reasons why this is trash and why Watters should just get fired.

  3. Fox "News" is a conservative "news" organization that supports people like Trump. They hire and pay ignorant, narrow-minded and seemingly racist news anchors and don't actually report on anything factual. So now Fox "News" is targeting Chinese people with its racist views? And by picking on the elderly on national television? If this is meant to be a joke (a terrible one that's not even remotely funny), then don't call it "News." They can't even get their racist stereotypes correct, so how can anyone expect them to get actual news right?

  4. I am Asian-American and "was" a huge fan of your show and the O'Reilly Factor for years. I didn't think I could ever be offended as an asian person despite all of the media stereotypes.

    Well, congratulations. You have successfully proved me wrong. You have also proven that you, your show, and your pompous cohort Bill are nothing more than trash.

    Good bye forever. My only regret is that I spent so many years supporting, defending and consuming your hypocritical crap.

  5. America wants to be the boss of the world but is being owned by China so they are mad and this is the only way they can retaliate by humiliating Chinese people instead of step it up. Nuff said

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