What Happens If A Presidential Election Ends In A Tie?

Why The United States Isn’t A True Democracy

U.S. presidential elections are tightly contested and some races are too close to call. So what happens when candidates tie?

U.S. presidential elections are tightly contested and some races are too close to call. So what happens when candidates tie?

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2016 Democratic race was the party’s closest Iowa caucus race yet

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ miniscule difference of 0.2 percent Monday night is the narrowest margin between two top Democratic presidential candidates in the Iowa caucus’ 44-year history.”

What Is The Electoral College? How It Works And Why It Matters

“The Electoral College will dominate the airwaves and the headlines on Election Day Tuesday.”

Bush v. Gore (2000)

“In Bush v. Gore (2000), a divided Supreme Court ruled that the state of Florida’s court-ordered manual recount of vote ballots in the 2000 presidential election was unconstitutional.”

Deadlock over presidential election ends

“After one tie vote in the Electoral College and 35 indecisive ballot votes in the House of Representatives, Vice President Thomas Jefferson is elected the third president of the United States over his running mate, Aaron Burr.”

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  1. Now we have the internet, we don't need politicians to go and do their own thing once elected to office while disregarding the will of the population that put them there, sure they could draft the laws but the actual voting on each of these laws should be left to us, the people, via the internet, it CAN be done!

  2. all i can say is when you are electing between hillary a know crook and thrump a known … whatever. only thing that comes to mind is that it might be time to "water the tree of liberty"

  3. Diebold, ESS, Sequoia, along with the hanging chads? Will do one last tango. I'll vote Green Party for logic and sanity. Won't matter? Corporations count our votes. No more voting after Shillary is installed. Until votes are counted by hand. And by the local volunteers.

  4. Clickbait, downvoted. In 2012, I watched a similar video that ANSWERED the question, and here it is.

    In case of a tie, the House of Representatives chooses the President, and the Senate chooses the Vice President. In 2012, this would have probably let to Mitt Romney winning the red-controlled House, and the Senate coming to a tie…only to be broken by, none other than, Joe Biden himself.

  5. Shouldn't you explain the answer to the question in the title???? If not, I will.

    If the electoral vote ties, then the House decides. But with 50 votes in the house(each state gets 1), then it could also be a tie. If that happens, the Vice President will be decided by the Senate, and become President, until the House decides. But with 100 votes in the Senate, then the Vice could be tied. If that happens, the Speaker of the House becomes sitting President, until the House or Senate decides on a conclusion. If they don't, and say the Speaker of the House is assassinated, the next in line behind him will become President. If all Cabinet members, the Speaker of the House, the Senate and House Majority leaders, and representatives, are all killed, and so are the Supreme Court Justice, then the U.S. would have no national government, and we would all be saved.(😂)

  6. Honestly the need to change it to a popular vote. What's the point of a Republican Voting if they live in California. I think and I could be wrong McCain and Romney won by Popular Vote.

  7. This will be the MOST CROOKED ELECTION ever in the ENTIRE WORLD. Some states you don't need to have a valid ID. Don't know how Dems ever got that passed! You don't even have to be a citizen. Are you kidding me. Go get Castro, maybe he will vote.

  8. The terms of democracy and republic are not excluding one another, as they hold different meanings of type of a political reigime and form of government. Actually even terms of democratic reigime and democracy as a system do not overlap completely. And I'm not sure if we should look at ancient greek democracy as an ideal and true form of it, if that's what the clickbait suggests.

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