1. how 35 percent people support someone who has such a history of failure.. and says grab em by the pussy and people still want to vote …. how is this guy even in the race. how can so many people be so dumb

  2. Bunch of delusional idiots in this comments section. Time to get in touch with reality. See you November 8th, and looking forward to you screaming CLINTON RIGGED THE ELECTION EVEN THOUGH EVERY SINGLE MODEL, ALGORITHM, POLL, AND FORECAST SHOWED HER WINNING IN A LANDSLIDE!!!

  3. one thing i know for certain….Trump loses and that is the end of conservative and will be taken over by evil liberals, already we see Liberals sneaked in the conservatives pretending to be conservative. the END of America as we know it will be over if Trump do not win.its not going to be pretty.

  4. This is funny does the main stream media realize everyone is online and has a better view. Look at the majority of comments on all YouTube vids regarding this race. Mostly trump supporters.

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