Who needs evidence? US election system reportedly hacked, media outlets blame Russians

If Democracy has indeed been hacked – a number of major news outlets claim it’s not by social media or search engine manipulations – but in fact by Russians. This time cyber-attacks have reportedly targeted electoral systems in at least two American states.
And despite the fact that there’s almost no evidence to suggest Russia’s involvement, U.S. officials name anonymous FBI workers as sources in the media.

The Russian hacker trend in the U.S. has become so popular that even fashion magazine, ‘Glamour’, has picked up the story.


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  1. Isn't it amazing. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that Russia is behind the hacking.
    However, the state department (obama bin laden), the democratic party, AND THEREFORE, obviously the media point the finger at Russia.
    Has anyone considered the democratic party, More specifically, obama bin laden, the clintons and the democratic party.

  2. I have a bad feeling about this. Russian hackers? To accuse a big country of something this serious and put it all over the news like this tells me something fishy is going on. I really hope not but San someone say marshal law. And Russia and USA working together on this. No way in a this bob a

  3. It's possible the CIA is trying to provide an excuse for invalidating the November election if Trump wins. At the very least, they're trying to link Trump with a demonized Russia in order sway public opinion toward Clinton.

  4. I have to be dumb as a rock I have to be dumb as a sack of sand believe in anything anything the American media says.
    So apparently stealing public voting record is a profitable crime. That's what I'm supposed to believe

  5. Go Russia! Hack the crap out of these DNC fagots. With "The Donald" there will be peace and friendship with Russia, with "Hitlary" there could be war. And who on Earth is that Lovely lady on there. Phone number please. We need to bring Russians into the U.S., not Syrians!

  6. Hey, sexy gramps, we can green screen your desired scenario. You'll need some entertainment to watch in the Correctional Compound you'll be sharing with Hillary and Kinko the Kid Lovin' Clown….

  7. If you believe U.S. Media about Russia hacking U.S. elections, I've got a bridge would like to sell you! More smoke and mirror to cover up state and federal election corruption, and always blame someone else for your own sins!

  8. I hope all who read this understand this latest lie is to secure the American gooberments hold on power . They plan to have Holland Security ( similar to Hitler Brown Shirts) control the election process therefore securing their candidate Hellery Cunton, the wicked witch of the east,

    War is coming folks , the elite are desperate and need a new side show to play their slight of hand three card month scam on the sheeple, a one world gooberment us coming , when a man shows up bring ginger o each to the world speaking g of a global community with no boarders , saying he can fix all the world's woes , spreading the wealth , forgiving debt then KNOW THIS , the man of sin , son of perdition , Ababbdon, Apollion has arrived …. I say April 2017 it will go down .

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