Who Supports Donald Trump? – U.S. Presidential Election, 2016 (Pt. 15)

Demographic indicators predictive of Trump support are rare – he (apparently) appeals to all walks of the GOP electorate! Vox recently published an article that sheds light on this Poli-Sci puzzle.

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Source Material:

2016 Primary Results and Calendar (New York Times)

Trump Supporters Clash with Protesters in Chicago (ABC News)

Rachel Maddow on Trump Rally Violence:

The Rise of American Authoritarianism (Vox)

Donald Trump Says “China” – Bass Cover by Iggy Jackson Cohen


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  1. I'm British. .so Niger garage is in the us,a supporting trump? Why is it when I write a post about garage it comes out garage? ha ha ! mix at work.Trump in charge of nukes? Come on the Clinton s

  2. I am a Donald Trump supporter, and there is a reason that he has so many supporters from so many different walks of life. That reason is a follows: it fucking makes sense. People are sick and tired of the normal presidential candidates telling us to keep calm and sheep on. People want someone who will interrupt the status quo. We want someone who will protect our rights. With Hillary we will see nothing but more lies, and not to mention more of our rights being stripped from us right under our noses.

  3. FOOLS…… to believe "Candidates" have any control over what happens at a Rally!!! There are PROFESSIONAL Agitators, planted by the OPPOSITION!!! Trump is right. If there were CONSEQUENCES for actions these nut cases would think twice before siring the shit pile!!!

  4. I don't live in USA and I am not American , but I think that America will make a huge mistake if they vote for trump and he wins . you have no idea what that evil man is capable to do , he may even put all of Americans life into dangour to achieve his devil goals . what you really waiting for a man like that . who says "he would have sex with his daughter if she wasn't his child " . plus his totally rassict , he hates black people , fat people whether they are black or white , and immigration .

  5. What the fuck is wrong with you blind-ass bitches. Trump is a horrible person. Why vote for him. He is trying to get rid of immigrates, and he's fucking racist as fuck. He's such a show off and he makes people suck-up to him

  6. Trump is, unfortunately, the result of the American Dream gone wrong. There is so much good about the US, so much that made the country into a superpower, but like many with power in history they abused it. No blame….its human nature. But whilst creating massive wealth, the powers in the US neglected to protect other nations abroad and their own citizens within their own borders. The people who support Donald are scared of Muslims whose societies have been systematically destroyed by US foreign policy and ignored by their own traditional politicians when they have voiced those fears (however irrational they may be). Donald gives these people a voice. That's why, even though he may look racist, he's still supported by many ethnic minorities in the US. How many other people could have been endorsed by the KKK and the Muslim League of America (for his anti Semitic comments). He may or may not win in the end but "civilised" Americans created him and need to realise how that happened.

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