Who Will Win The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election?

By Peter W. Stevenson | September 23, 2016 | The Washington Post

Who Will Win The 2016 United States Of America Presidential Election?….Prof. Allan Lichtman, Distinguished Professor Of History At American University In Washington, D.C., HAS PREDICTED CORRECTLY FOR 32 YEARS.


  1. 1:50 This point has now been debunked. And Lichtman is doing himself no favors with his clearly opinionated stance towards Trump. That being said, his analysis of the overall political situation in the United States is credible.

  2. I cried after I heard that Drumpf was going to be president I feel like i am going to die from Drumpf as pesident please tell me this will not happen

    I will shoot myself if he gets into the white house

  3. It will be a phyrric victory for the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump self-destructed himself, as the psychopathological character he is, with his sexual harassment, bullying, shameless vulgarity. Hillary Clinton, being herself a power-driven liar, with a pack of horribly unethical advisors, will win, but won't last. There will be an interregnum at some point, and the people of the USA will have to see their country's shadows and come to terms with them collectively.

  4. We know Crooked Hillary has already committed voter fraud! Soros even said that Trump may win the popular vote, but not the electoral college!!! Eliminate the electoral college and let the people decide!!!

  5. So he basically saying hat his key system has worked the past 30 years, however he's not sure if he will get this one prediction right that it can either go anyway lol. He didnt agree to Anthing just that the system says that he will be the next president but there's a chance that he could be against the odds and not win. Lol he listed the scenarios that we all know .after the election he wants to be able to sa , see i told you so… Since he listed both scenarios lol

  6. Hillary is a proven criminal, liar, and a evil warmonger. Hillary is rigging the elections and media in her favor. Hillary does not represent the AMERICAN people! She represents the NWO criminal establishment.

  7. Dude, saying this will go either way is not a prediction. Anyone can say that lol And if you are a genius, you wouldn't major history in the first place. You take History when you are dumb to do anything else.

  8. This guy' "The signs show Trump is gonna win, so he'll probably win. But he's trump so Hillary is probably gonna win. Also, Hillary is not under any scandal. I predicted elections years in advance but can't predict this one 50 days before it."

  9. Okay, I'm sorry…but this guy isn't a genius. It's not as cut and dry as he says with such generic Republican choices where "there's nothing special about Trump." These are what you need to look out for:
    1) Is the average older (not 18-35 yr old) American better or worse financially than they were before the last President took office?
    2) Is the economy in an upswing or a downswing?
    3) Does a candidate have serious ethical/moral issues that average Americans will notice, understand and dislike?
    4) Did the party-in-office at time of election disappoint middle-of-the-road voters? (3rd party surge suggests this)
    5) Does one of the candidates have charisma that grabs people attention, for better or worse (shows dominance)?
    6) Did the current-in-control party screw up in foreign/military matters in a major way?
    7) Has anything major happened in last 3 months of election that can severely color a candidate's chances?

    Based off these, this is what I'd say:
    1) TRUMP WINS – Average American makes LESS than they did before Obama, and before recession. Plus, benefits are far worse, which severely hits pocketbooks, thanks to ObamaCare, which working class whites (voters) hate.
    2) TRUMP WINS – The economy has not grown or recovered at all in all 8 years of Obama's term. He may have inherited a beginning-to-decline economy from Bush (which was a major reason why Repubs lost in '08), but Obama did NOTHING to fix in 8 years.
    3) TRUMP WINS – Even if you dislike Trump's smarmy/rich/narcissistic/TV personality….no one trusts Clinton or even likes her. Not even in her own party.
    4) TRUMP WINS – Most independent voters are just liberals with money…so if their preferred party (Dems) pick a bad choice, they'll pick a 3rd party candidate out of spite.
    5) TRUMP WINS – Everyone is curious to hear what Trump says, because he's interesting…and during interviews, he dominates. No one really cares what Hillary says or how she presents herself.
    6) TRUMP WINS – While Obama didn't get us into an Iraq war like Bush did, he didn't do anything to stop ISIS, refuses to acknowledge terrorists by their real name and seems to not care that in all local terrorism issues, the culprits are Islamic. So, the sitting party looks weak in foreign affairs.
    7) TRUMP WINS – Even though Trump has flubbed up here and there, Clinton's non-stop email and health issues won't go away, with new revelations keeping these two things in peoples' minds. All Trump has to do is just not say anything horribly offensive (say n-word or something) and he'll win.


    So it's not like ANY republican would win. Trump different wildly from his opponents during the primaries, and regardless of what Dems say, the average voter cares about one thing: MONEY. Will they be able to make MORE or LESS with the choices presented. Hillary almost certainly means more Obama policies and even worse ObamaCare stuff, which could lead to hundreds or thousands of lost $$$ annually for each worker. It also drastically reduces jobs because employers don't want to give everyone benefits, so they hire less. Now, Trump isn't perfect or a known quantity, but at least we know whatever he does WON'T be Obama-like.

    Barring any major Trump flub-up or some crazy crisis like full on race riots or something that scares people into staying with Obama/Hillary, I don't see how Trump could lose at this point.

  10. Yeah, like he says Trump may lose. It couldn't have anything to do with Obama illegally handing out citizenship to as many as fast as he can. If Donald loses, it will be due to fraud.

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