Why Hillary Clinton Will Lose to Donald Trump [US Elections 2016]


It is time Mrs. Clinton be held accountable for her crimes against the United States and humanity.

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  1. How in the hell can you be in a laughing, calm mood in a situation regarding the death of our people that you are being accused of contributing to? Very strange. On top of that, the laugh was exaggerated.

  2. The Prime Minister of Canada has said on record "if Hillary Clinton wins Americans better leave the USA immediately after" he's known the truth about the Clintons for years, his father was Prime Minister years ago, he knew them well & couldn't stand them.

  3. Isn't it interesting that Billy Boy Clinton would say Hitlery is working LIKE A DEMON, who talks like that besides nobody? I'm sure none of you have ever heard anybody use that term.

  4. If Trump was a dose of castor oil and Hillary a glass of prune juice and I had to make a desperate decision, I'd drink the prune juice because it would be a bit easier on the pallet.

  5. Puppet Presidents are Selected not Elected..She's funded by the same special interests groups that backed the bushes, bill and obama, hence she's been givin the green light day one. If they do selected Trump it will only be to pull the carpet out from under him and make him the fall guy.

  6. Also we are going from OBAMA to Hillary the liar And billionaire Taupe TRUMP WHO THINKS HIS SHIT DONT STINK witch i hope neither Win honestly the country is screwed as is and they pick 2 of the worst candidates so they can make a WW3 Wow….

  7. I've been watching these actors and actresses and newspeople and tv personalities who i used to hold some respect for giving interviews on mainstream news and late nite talk shows totally disrespecting Donald Trump by stretching truth, spreading lies and dismissing him as unworthy of holding the office of president. I've noticed they all share a common viewpoint, that they all want a professional bullshitter in the white house and this is why. They have their heads buried so far up their own and each other's asses that when someone starts talking about the benefits of fresh air they panic. They know that if the wool were ever pulled from our eyes that we'd see them for the unethical, immoral, deplorable and irredeemable fools that they are. Mr Trump is reminding us, at great risk to himself from the entrenched power hungry establishment, of what it means to be a true American, to be responsible for our own future and our own country again, to decide the fate of our own lives again and also to remember that anything as great as our America cannot be made whole with clever illusion, it can only be built upon and carried forward by great men and great women who are dedicated to each others lives, each others liberties, and the pursuit of happiness that can only be had from living a life of honor and redemption. Thank you Mr Trump for all that you are doing for this country. I'm a hard working man blessed with the ability to shape and fuse steel with fire and high voltage electricity so I know intimately the stamina, willpower and strength it takes to get a difficult job done and I'm telling you I'm with YOU sir, 110% and there are millions just like me, EVERYWHERE, standing with you. Let's make America great again.

  8. You all are completely insane if you are for Donald Trump or think he is going to win after the video tape came out. I hope you watched that. He's talking about grabbing women by the pussy. He's a horrible, horrible, man. He shouldn't worry about the election anymore that's over. He should worry about his businesses.

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