Why Is The U.S. Election So Damn Long? | The Racket | MTV News

The U.S. presidential election lasts about two years now, including campaigning, fundraising and media buzz. While other countries cap it at 6 weeks, why is the American process such a slog? And what are the harmful affects of such a long campaign season?

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  1. LOL you say the Uk election only takes 4 weeks but that's wrong it takes about a year for use because the candidates have to get the people behind them to get the vote Oh and no one gives a shit what you want the system to be

  2. There's already more than one super Tuesday. And Trump and Hillary were not the presumptive nominees until 2016 because even though everyone thought they'd do good, there was still Bernie and Cruz threatening them

  3. I thought I might make it through the entire video without hearing about white people… Unfortunately I did not. It sounds like he'd prefer majority rule. The US is not a democracy, its a constitutional representative republic.

  4. You've laid out a good plan. I hope the momentum toward reform of the election system does not die out after the election like it tends to do. Many parts of the process could use with updating. Sure, people have different ideas on what needs to be updated and how, so it is nice that these topics are currently a part of the national discourse. Great video!

  5. as an irish person looking at the US general election, i sense that a lot of people want radical change of the american electoral system. the people voting for sanders and trump are all anti-establishment, doesnt that say a lot about a lack of trust in the system? the next president is going to have to make a lot of foreign policy decisions that will affect the entire world, and to see that its so hard to vote for many americans, who want change but cant make it, is so unsettling.

  6. I expect to see #FeeltheBern from paste eating cunts who are brainwashed. I also expected to hear "White people make it that long so the minority lose interest." Election numbers are down because Bernie and Hillary don't resonate with a majority of voters. While Trump's making people come out in droves. So in closing, Make America Great Again you fucking shill fucks. OMFG YOU EVEN SAID STATES ARE WHITE. LOLOLOLOL YOU RACIST FUCKING CUCKS.

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