Sub for more: | Paul Joseph Watson for Infowars via DC Clothesline reports, Whistleblower organization makes new promise after Assange let down.

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  1. Myself I don't care for ether one of them. Johnson and his stances make more sense to me, strangely Trump and Johnson's stances are nearly the same on many key issues. Trump is a business man first and foremost! So he knows what needs to be changed and fixed to turn things around, the same can not be said for Clinton.

    Both Clintons are slimier than a used car salesman at the 1000 dollars or less car lot!

  2. The MSM will never give the leaks the attention they deserve. They sold their soul to the new world order and they will not back down. The will cover the stealing of the election and tell us Trump never had popular support. If we don't believe them what then. Obama will only pass the baton to her. She will pardon him for his crimes.

  3. The later he releases the info, the better. It gives the Clinton campaign less time to defend it as the election nears. That's all the media will be talking about until the election. People be patient!

  4. "In a few days"……or…. " Will be released before the first debate on Sept 26"…..heard this all before……over and over from WikiLeaks as to releases………

    Crying wolf……LET'S SEE SOMETHING !!!

  5. This U.S. DoD/DoS/MSM narrative is preemptive hot war talk priming for "the big one" which is the unfortunate reality. One must react with outrage but understand that this is war game planning strategy. We are living in a virtual reality that is characterized by artifcial intelligence in which the facts represent analytical data for projecting probable scenarios. Official narrative is a construct involving a dialectic process of geopolitics that is psycho-political by its very nature. It is deliberate and inevitable. This is how the powers that be are playing their game of global domination – a game that is about forwarding an agenda. The agenda is not about evolving historic facts or precedents and the Truth as a social basis is irrelevant in terms of a prefabricated agenda that can and will be what the globalists plan it to be. This is geopolitical architecture. All the rest is a mythical storyline by "creative license" and is what their think tank script writers design it to be. The world is a staged production. It is a premeditated manifestation.

  6. My friend if any such devastating Hillary scandals is released the media will just put forth the "it just can't be true" attitude and release all guns on Wikileaks. f it's something smaller they will just ignore it or out make up another story to distract the public.

  7. I hope the leaks knock crooked Clinton right out of the water! She needs to be exposed for the evil, lying scumbag that she really is! No matter what the left says about Donald Trump, I am voting for him! I am a proud, deplorable American, and we need to make America great, again! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!

  8. IF the news won't show it, it's not News.. so it's We the people better get out there get off your ass make the crowd's even larger for TRUMP show the media there only one shot you better make it count. .☆☆☆.

  9. Wikileaks better get on with what they have to say soon! Many news medias are trying to cover up any true stories that is not in Hillary's favor. Many news media's are in favor of Hillary because many of them are connected with the Democratic Party! It better be damn good what they have to say that the news media can't cover up on and try to put a "drama queen" story out with words changed around from the truth.

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