Will Donald Trump win the US presidential election? – UpFront

Billionaire-businessman Donald Trump officially became the US Republican presidential nominee earlier this week at the Republican National Convention (RNC).

The opening day of the convention, however, was met with heightened controversy when a group of delegates known as “Never Trumpers” failed to block the Trump nomination, while on Wednesday night, Trump’s former opponent, Ted Cruz, refused to endorse his fellow Republican.

So, as controversy continues to surround Trump’s candidacy and the Republican Party, can the businessman and reality star win the US presidency?

In a special UpFront, from the RNC, we speak to one of Trump’s top advisers, potential defense secretary Michael Flynn, about why he supports the candidate.

Mehdi Hasan asks “Never Trump” delegate Dane Waters why, as a Republican, he wanted to block the nomination. We also speak to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain about why he believes Trump is qualified to be commander-in-chief.

And in the Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan takes a look at what the rest of the world thinks about a potential Trump presidency.

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  1. Using Mexicans presidents comments against Trump is not a good example. Mexicans hate these presidents because they are as corrupt as the Crooked, they just care about enriching themselves and careless about the citizens.

  2. Yes, he will; time to change corrupted establishment and war makers; time for good jobs, safety and prosperity for everybody; honesty, TRUTH with better future for OUR KIDS; and HE is honest = that's so many hates him (especially professional career politicians using full-paid dishonest media) As a TRUMP SUPPORTER, I try respect all based on FACTS opinions – that's the way to cooperate on this world; however there is not really a dialogue with permanent liars aka clintons or war makers aka obama; choose wisely :)

  3. Hilary Clinton is going to be president because its of the best interests of people behind the scenes in the government. Its just the way its meant to be you don't really have a choice just an opinion

  4. I don't like him, but he's going to win. The average person, and the MSM + Elite will be completely blindsided in November. Many people, just over 50% of Americans viscerally hate the current Government, and all of its branches. Trump's supporters will come out to the polls in droves, and inside a private voting booth, I predict, many people will feel the urge to check off Trump over Clinton. Let's not forget that Trump received more votes than any candidate in American political history in this year's Primaries. More people have registered as Republicans this year than Democrats. Moreover, if you look at the people jumping ship from the Republicans, and throwing in their hats to the Hillary camp, they are all mostly wealthy, Neo-Conservative elites. Not only is that going to turn off Sanders voters, but it is only going to tarnish the image of the Democrats, already damaged by having Hillary Clinton as your flag-bearer. We are witnessing a party ideology realignment the likes of which has not been seen in 60 some-odd years. I believe Trump is going to be a terrible president, that being said, I truly believe he will win easily this fall.

  5. I appeal to the fools who live in the United States … I would like to bring to your mind some of the things! I am very sad that America so quickly degraded in the pursuit of know-how, I'm sorry that the United States lost the ability to navigate in space, and changed even more unfortunate that the United States is evil, and the evil that will soon fall on the United States, it is It will be a place for all the evil that made the United States in the global political arena. Another evil wants to penetrate into the dense layers of the American elite, and it is called – Hillary Clinton! You can not even imagine what she was going? If it comes, it will mean war between Russia and the United States! which means that the US will remain embers spilled a sea of ​​blood and the stench of the corpse will smell on American soil! If you support Hillary Clinton, then your blood for you! She will exchange you easily, you for it just the biomass, which is not taken into Calculate your! Want blaze, choose Hillary, but remember, this is your area of ​​responsibility, will be responsible on their own, Hilary you will not be able to help …

  6. This reporter stresses 30k troops, the statistic over and again, as if America didn't depot 500k troops in Vietnam and Afghanistan already. Wtf is he so surprised about. And this news , from my viewpoint, shouldn't be official since it's greatly biased towards Islamic religion

  7. Drumpf Lock him up in the nuthouse where he belongs. How come that the constitution is important when it comes to the second amandment and when it comes to torturing,,, discrimination and the treasonous call to russia to hack into An american candidate for president it isn't? Only idiots real idiots without any common sense would vote for such a stupid man like Drumpf.

  8. Personally, I believe that Trump is providing a political favor for Clinton and that he and Clinton are working TOGETHER as a covert conspiracy to get Clinton elected. Think about it, Trump is the only candidate to finance his campaign out of pocket (and likely to get either a huge tax break, or he is being reimbursed by the government to help get Clinton elected). I believe the government is financing Clinton. Trump was put in place on the GOP ticket because of his celebrity, power, and wealth. All Trump has to do is sit back and wait for the competing candidates to drop out of the race after they have exhausted their campaign funds. Trump is a businessman. He literally hasn't the time to be the president and I'm convinced that he never really wanted to be president. I'm also convinced that Sanders was merely roleplaying to be Clinton's opponent. The democrats had barely any candidates to rival Clinton. Clinton will be elected whether you voted for her or not. Crooked is as crooked does.

  9. This is just confirmation for the impression of millions of people that most Muslims, especially prominent Muslims, are pushy, manipulative, and annoying. Not good traits to have if you are trying to win friends and influence people. I feel like this is exactly the reason Americans have had just about enough of Muslims pushing their viewpoints on us. In America we have American viewpoints. Don't like it? Go to where the people agree with you.

  10. Me: "Mehdi Hasan, you need to calm down. just ask a question, and let someone answer. then you get to ask follow ups afterwards, that is how an interview is supposed to–"
    Mehdi Hasan: "–But, how can you say that!?"

  11. goodness me, regardless if you agree with this generals viewpoint, this is terrible reporting,,,the reporter loves the sound of his own voice too much,,, and doesnt let him finish any sentence,,,

  12. Mr. Dane Waters crying that the delegates weren't allowed a voice in choosing the nominee..What about the voters? Their choice was clear. Got to love his rallying against the 'establishment' for not allowing delegates to overrule the peoples choice. Cruz is establishment as they come, a phony political opportunist whose calculated actions from the beginning of his senate run have been to paint himself as an outsider when in fact he is simply a soulless, power hungry little troll.

  13. This reporter is not very wise.  He asks if it is true that a "reality star" could be the next US president.  I think Trump has done a lot more in his life than just be a reality star.  You are talking about someone who has built entire skylines.

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