Winner of US Election 2016| China’s Monkey (Geda) Predicted

A monkey named as geda, 5 years old (Dresses in yellow t-shirt), kisses the card cutout of republican presidential nominee donald trump on nov 3 in changsha, china. The choice is intended to predict the end result of the u.s. election. Donald is predicted as winner of US election 2016.
shiyanhu ecological tourism park in china’s hunan province had the identical concept, and decided to roll out their not-so-secret weapon for unmasking the future.
This local legend has pegged him as a mystical monkey. He has impressive record of correctly predicting the winners of European soccer matches. This Monkey predicts who will win presidential election, definitely he predicted donald trump as future US president. Its up to his choice that he picked up trump as a president. This mystical Chinese monkey has told that who is winner of US Election 2016


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